Class Descriptions 2019

Level 1: Introduction to Oil Painting All Ages for the beginning student.

This class has been developed to introduce students to beginning skills and oil painting tools. Students will be introduced to basic art vocabulary and encouraged to acquire new skills through this activity-based studio art class. Students will be introduced to basic drawing skills, including shading, perspective and contour drawing.  They will then utilize these skills by preparing their first oil painting subject on artist canvas which they will later paint. Students will be introduced to color theory as they explore primary, secondary, cool, and warm colors.  Classes are kept to minimum numbers so every student will be given the opportunity to explore, create, and achieve.

Level 2: Oil Painting for Beginners

This class has been developed as a follow up course to Introduction to oil painting, but stands alone as an appropriate introduction class to all students who have completed Level 1.  In Beginners oil painting, students will further develop skills and become more comfortable with art tools and techniques.  Students will be exposed to the next level of art vocabulary and will begin to utilize knowledge of color and light in their paintings.  Students will be exposed to more advanced design principles, as they create and explore through oil painting.

Level 3: Intermediate Oil Painting

This class has been developed with the purpose to maximize and maintain the student's Art interest, as he/she is challenged to develop a higher level of skills and knowledge.  In Intermediate Art students utilize and increase their understanding of line, value, and texture.  Projects will include INTRODUCTION TO Abstract painting, Sculpture, Landscape painting with an emphasis on technique and different styles of painting on different mediums.


Level 4: Advanced Classes

This class is designed for students who have advanced from our intermediate class or a new student who demonstrates a higher level of training and would like to learn new techniques and advance their own creative style. The student will develop their portfolio to include advance drawing techniques and painting skills using more advanced tools and subjects. Students will be encouraged to mix their own complex color pallets as well as different brush strokes to create different effects on their paintings. They are encouraged to explore figure and portrait drawing as well as painting in the medium of their choice.


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