Welcome to Susan Clement's Art Studio!

Located in York, Maine

We are accepting new Summer enrollments for Ages 7-11
Summer Sessions include painting indoor and outside (weather permitting)!


Why Choose Our Oil Painting Art Classes?


We offer small personalized classes in an open and warm atmosphere. Since your child has been in a very structured setting all day at their regular schools, we try to keep our classes more flexible so your child is free to express themselves in their artwork without stress or pressure.


No need to feel intimidated if taking our adult classes either! We work closely with each individual student no matter what age to insure you have a handle on the techniques we use and allow you to create at your own pace and style.

Each student is given the basic art skills and fundamentals to complete their still life, landscapes and abstracts in oil. We use a hands on approach to insure you or your child is able to achieve the ability to paint successfully.


It is our philosophy that each student's art is unique and their individual talent should be cultivated in such a way they continue to develop THEIR OWN UNIQUE STYLE as they move on to more advanced levels of painting.


In the more advanced levels, students are taught more advanced skills in both painting and drawing.

Come enjoy the fun and create your own masterpiece today!

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